Alternatives to Development

claesworkshoprAlternatives to Development: workshop with Eduardo Gudynas (CLAES) at Kepa (Finland)

Kepa is the umbrella organisation for Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) who work with development cooperation or are otherwise interested in global affairs.

Aika: 13.6.201515.6.2015 / Kepa, Dialogi meeting room, Elimäenkatu 25-27, 6th floor, Helsinki, Finland. Info: +358 50 317 6728,

Uruguayan Eduardo Gudynas is one of the main social scholars of Latin America. As an ecologist he questions the extractivist model and promotes new ways of conceptualising the “development”.

Time: 13.6. 15–18 and 15.6. 9–17

Gudynas has a wide cademic and popular production: Gudynas publishes in Spanish a blog “Acción y Reacción”.

The workshop is constructed of lectures and small groups. Only participants who commit to participate both days are accepted.

Programme of the workshop

Part 1: Idea of Crisis

  • Different meanings and dimensions of crisis
  • Redefining crisis
  • Differencies in analysing the focus of crisis in the global South and North
  • Economic situation: crisis in the industrialised North, economic expansion in South America

Part 2: Innovations in Latin America

  • Addressing novelties which have been linked to Latin America as positive examples of significant changes, such as revolutions, new role of indigenous people and reduction of poverty.
  • South American political change and the role of civil society
  • Progressive governments: achievements and retreats

Part 3: The ideas of Buen Vivir

  • Presenting the ideas of Buen Vivir
  • Different understandings of Buen Vivir
  • Latin American governments’ reactions
  • Buen Vivir and degrowth: similarities and differencies